Circuit 10 - Core Blast

Circuit 10 - Core Blast

What is a Core Blast?

-Add this circuit to finish off your workout with an awesome burn through your midsection or complete this circuit as a standalone workout to give your arms and legs a rest and complete and focus on your midsection for the day!

Benefits:  A strong mid-section will help increase power in your work outs, improve balance and reduce injury.  (Also creates a slim waist effect for that summer bod) 
6 Exercises targeting your midsection at all angles. 

  • 40 seconds of training
  • 20 seconds of recovery
  • AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible
  • 1-4 sets (6-24 min) 

    Exercise 1: Hollow Body Coil Crunch

    • Make sure there is no space between your back and the ground and with a weight overhead and legs extended
    • Simultaneously bring your knees in and weights above your knees, contracting your abdominal and slowly release to an extended position keeping your lower back against the ground

    Exercise 2:  Walk in & Walk Out

    • Rest your mid to upper back on an elevated surface, squeeze your shoulder blades together, keep your hips up while maintaining a neutral back
    • Walk your feet in to create a vertical shin and and squeeze your glutes to elevates your hips slightly, release your glutes and walk your feet out

    Exercise 3: Crunch with Overhead Fly

    • Have your arms to your side with weights in hand, initiate the movement with your the crunch then squeeze your chest together to bring you arms together and get your shoulder blades off the ground
    • Slowly and in a controlled manner, lower your body down, keeping your back as neutral as possible

    Exercise 4: Inch Worm

    • From a standing position with soft knees, bend from your hips until your hands touch the floor
    • Your feet stay where they are and slowly crawl to a push up position (or father in front of your head for increased difficulty)
    • Your hands stay where they are and try to keep your back neutral and legs straight while bringing your feet towards hand

    Exercise 5: Plank with Rotational Arm Raise 

    • Brace your core, elbows under the shoulders, and keep your back neutral
    • Shift your weight to one side and try to keep both toes on floor at all times and open up the chest by raising one arm to the ceiling

    Exercise 6: Bird Dog

    • Hands under your shoulders, and knees under hips
    • Extend one arm out and the opposite leg back in a 2 second extension and 2 second return timing
    • Keep your entire spine in it's neutral position, using your muscles to move your limbs