Circuit 11 - The Turkish Get Up!


Circuit 11 - The Turkish Get Up!

What is the Turkish Get Up?
-A full body, multi-move, and functional strength exercise that helps improve core and shoulder stability

Don't have a Kettlebell?  Try a dumbbell, can of soup, or balancing a book or shoe in an open hand or fist (greater challenge)

Complete each step several times before moving on to the next step
Variation:  Complete Steps 1-5 in a circuit before attempting Step 6

  • 40 seconds of training (this exercise uses the right and left arm!)
  • 20 seconds of recovery
  • 4-6 sets (12 min x 2/3) = 24-36 minutes (watch this video twice or thrice)
  • +3 min warm up at beginning (try doing each step with no weights to start), +3 min cool down at the end (lower heart rate, static stretching - hold for at least 25 seconds)

    Step 1: Core and Elbow

    • Setup:  Arm up, same leg up, pack the lats and bring the shoulder blades down and back (right arm, right knee up - vice versa), the opposite arm and leg go out 45 degrees
    • Press into your foot to elevate the hips slightly and roll to the elbow, keep a long spine (keep looking up!), then come up to the hand (bring your hand in if you need to)

    Step 2: Hip Extension

    • The arm should be pressing into the ground with shoulders away from the ears, with only one butt cheek touching the ground
    • Driving the foot into the ground, lift the hips up

    Step 3: Leg Sweep

    • From the extended hip, draw the leg back
    • Flip the hip over, creating a Tripod with the hips, knees, and hands (look up at the weights)

    Step 4: Hip Extension + Leg Sweep + Hinge and Square Up

    • Combine steps 2 & 3 together, then add a hinge to bring your hands off the ground, nice tall position (keep looking up)
    • Keep the hips square, the back leg may need to wipe over so that your two feet are pointing forward and back in the same direction

    Step 5: Step up

    • The front leg should have a vertical shin in the front foot with knee over the ankle, and the back leg should have a vertical thigh with your knee under your hips (look forward)
    • Drive into the front leg, long spine, and squeeze the butt,
    • From Standing:  reverse lunge to return back down, soft landing for the knee on the ground

    Step 6: The Full Turkish Get Up

    • Complete Steps 1-5 altogether to stand up, but don't forget you have to go back down
    • Reverse lunge (look forward)
    • Wipe your back foot to unsquare your hips (look forward)
    • Look up at the weight now
    • Create a tripod by sliding your hands down your thigh and place your hand in front (look at the weight)
    • Bring your leg forward at 45 degrees (look at the weight)
    • Lower your hips but placing one butt cheek down (look at the weight)
    • Drop down to the elbow (look at the weight)
    • Roll to the back (look at the weight)
    • Bring and rest the weight on your chest (Relax)