Circuit 15 - Agility x Cardio



Circuit 15 - Agility x Cardio

What is a Agility x Cardio?

-A fun mix of cardio and agility exercises designed to keep heart rate high while building stamina, endurance, and speed simultaneously. Focus on balance and stability through your core on all movements.

  • 40 seconds of training
  • 20 seconds of recovery
  • AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible
  • 1-4 sets (6-24 min) 

    Exercise 1: Side Shuffle Figure 8

    • Start in a wide legged stance with knees bent
    • Shuffle side to side in a figure 8 motion around two markers on the ground
    • Maintain straight back and low stance

    Exercise 2:  Drop Down Squats  

    • Start standing up with feet together
    • Jump out into a squat, feet pointing outwards slightly wider than shoulder width apart
    • Jump back up into standing position and repeat
    • Keep chest tall throughout movement

    Exercise 3: Double Leg 4 Point Hop

    • Use 4 markers about 1 metre apart to make a square on the floor
    • Begin in middle of square with feet together and knees slightly bent
    • Hop clockwise to each marker in a diagonal direction
    • Switch directions halfway through

    Exercise 4: Lateral Mountain Climbers

    • Start in a high plank and tuck feet inwards towards chest, keeping knees hovering above ground
    • Kick out one leg to the side. When bringing leg back in, kick out with opposite leg, alternating
    • Maintain straight back and keep hands under shoulders

    Exercise 5: Shuffle Step Forward and Back

    • Set up 3 markers in a straight line 1 metre apart
    • Starting behind first marker, shuffle diagonally between markers
    • Weave backwards to starting position and repeat
    • Keep chest up and head forward

    Exercise 6: One Arm Criss-Cross

    • Start in a standing position with feet hip width apart
    • Drop down into a single arm high plank, keeping shoulder over hand and hips square with the ground
    • Cross legs, with leg on supporting side in front
    • Tuck legs in towards chest, return to standing, repeat switching sides.