Circuit 7 - The Big 5

Circuit 7- The Big 5

What is the Big 5?
-5 Main functional movements in daily life, push, pull, hinge, squat, and rotate (plus a touch of cardio)

  • 40 seconds of training
  • 20 seconds of recovery
  • AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible
  • 4 sets (12 min x 2) = 24 minutes (watch this video twice)
  • +3 min warm up at beginning (dynamic stretches, lubricate the joints, get your heart rate up), +3 min cool down at the end (lower heart rate, static stretching - hold for at least 25 seconds)

Exercise 1: Push - Elevated Push Ups

  • Think about keeping your body as stiff as a board, a straight line from your ankles, mid back, and head, make sure your elbows are bending more towards the same direction as your feet
  • Moving your entire body as one unit, make sure to get an extra extension at the top by pushing your shoulder blades away from each other

Exercise 2: Pull - Plank Pull Walks

  • Elbows under the shoulders, I want you to push your elbows into the ground, sliding your feet away to the back
  • Engaging your lats and back muscles first, to pull your feet back to center

Exercise 3:L Hinge - Hip Thrusters

  • Rest your upper back on a couch or bed (45-60 cms)
  • Unlock the hips first, drop, and squeeze the glutes so the hips drive to the ceiling

Exercise 4: Squat - Pistol Squat

  • Slowly lower yourself on one leg, keeping maximum contraction of the quad muscles
  • When you sit, place both feet down and press off both feet
Modification: Press off on only one foot for increased intensity

Exercise 5: Cardio - Ice Skaters

  • Soft knees, having your knees of your toes, shoulders over your knees
  • Hop side to side, using your opposite leg for counter balance, tell your partner they're a good boy/girl

Exercise 6: Core - Crab toe Touches

  • Getting into a crab position, with arms under the shoulder and vertical lower leg
  • Tap your hand to the opposite foot and alternate hands