Circuit 8 - Cardio X Core II 


Circuit 8 - Cardio X Core II 

What is Cardio x Core?
-Alternate between a cardio exercise and a core exercise, guaranteed to get your heart rate pumping and your abs shredded

  • 40 seconds of training
  • 20 seconds of recovery
  • AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible
  • 4 sets (12 min x 2) = 24 minutes (watch this video twice)
  • +3 min warm up at beginning (dynamic stretches, lubricate the joints, get your heart rate up), +3 min cool down at the end (lower heart rate, static stretching - hold for at least 25 seconds)

Exercise 1: Cardio - Shuffle Squats

  • Shuffle your feet forward and back about 1/2 a metre using your arms to help drive the legs
  • Squat down quickly keeping weight 60 percent on your heels and keeping your chest up

Exercise 2: Core - Half Moons

  • Hands by your side for support, keeping your feet elevated 10 cms off the ground
  • Bring you feet up and over in a crescent moon shape, bracing your core in controlled movements

Exercise 3: Cardio - Ring around the Chester (Circular Side Shuffles)

  • Standing in athletic position, about 10 cms lower than normal standing standing height, feet shoulder width apart
  • Shuffle your feet, orbiting around an object 1.5 metres away from you, going side to side after a full rotation

Exercise 4: Core - High Plank Shoulder Taps

  • Hands under your shoulders, core braced and keeping a neutral back and square hips
  • Tap your opposite shoulder with your hand without moving or shifting your hips

Exercise 5: Cardio - Climb the Mountain

  • Hands or elbows directly under your shoulders, braced core
  • Alternate your knees to drive into your chest, the faster you go, the more intense it gets

Exercise 6: Core - CN Towers (Eiffel Towers)

  • Arms and weight over your shoulder / chest area
  • Bring your shoulder blades off the grade, and try to push your hands or weight up towards the ceiling in a vertical motion