Circuit 3 - The Big 5


Circuit 3 - The Big 5

What is the Big 5?
-5 Main functional movements in daily life, push, pull, hinge, squat, and rotate (plus a touch of cardio)

  • 40 seconds of training
  • 20 seconds of recovery
  • AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible
  • 4 sets (12 min x 2) = 24 minutes (watch this video twice)
  • +3 min warm up at beginning (dynamic stretches, lubricate the joints, get your heart rate up), +3 min cool down at the end (lower heart rate, static stretching - hold for at least 25 seconds)

    Exercise 1: Push - Front + Lateral Raise with an Overhead Press

    • Keep soft elbows, and don't bring the weights above your shoulder height for the raises

    Exercise 2: Pull - Bentover Row

    • try to bring your body parallel to the ground while maintain a neutral spine, squeeze the shoulders blades together at the top, slow tempo, (for increased intensity use the tempo 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down)

    Exercise 3: Hinge - Laundry Detergent Bottle (or Other) Swings

    • Brace your core, keep your arm pits closed the whole time (engage those lats) soft knees but always bending from the hips. Squeeze your glutes explosively to drive the weights up, not bringing the weight higher than chest height

    Exercise 4: Squat - Front Racked Squat with a Pulse

    • Keep the elbows high and weights resting on your arms, brace your core, sit back, letting the knees track over the toes, keeping a neutral back. Pulse - at the bottom come up half way and go back to the bottom, and then come all the way up.

    Exercise 5: Cardio - Jump Lunges

    • Maintain a vertical shin, and explode out of the hole, and switch legs mid air

    Modification: Shallow Reverse Lunges for speed

    Exercise 6: Core - Standing crunches

    • Stand nice and tall, bringing opposite knees and elbows into the midsection, returning to a nice tall chest up position