Circuit 4 - The Big 5

Circuit 4 - The Big 5

What is the Big 5?
-5 Main functional movements in daily life, push, pull, hinge, squat, and rotate (plus a touch of cardio)

  • 40 seconds of training
  • 20 seconds of recovery
  • AMRAP - As Many Reps As Possible
  • 4 sets (12 min x 2) = 24 minutes (watch this video twice)
  • +3 min warm up at beginning (dynamic stretches, lubricate the joints, get your heart rate up), +3 min cool down at the end (lower heart rate, static stretching - hold for at least 25 seconds)

    Exercise 1: Push - Tricep Pushup Pop to Regular Push up

    • Tricep: keep hand stacked under your shoulders, hands facing forward, elbows stay close to the body (10-20 degrees from your body), pop to
    • Regular: one palm length wider, elbows are 45 degrees from your body

    Exercise 2: Pull - Bent Over Reverse fly

    • Try to bring your body parallel to the ground, keep a neutral back, extend the back to fight against gravity
    • Initiate movement with shoulder blade muscles, soft elbows, lead with the elbows and keep your hands below the elbows

    Exercise 3: Hinge - Racked Good Morning

    • Keep your knees soft, feet hip width apart, sticking your butt back to the wall behind you
    • Feel the stretch in your hamstrings, keep a neutral back, and squeeze glutes to return to a tall and straight posture

    Exercise 4: Squat - Side to Side Lunge

    • Shift your weight side to side, sitting back but keeping your chest up, neutral spine, and weight distributed equally on your feet
    • Keep your heels on the ground and let your knees move in the same direction that your toes are pointing (slightly externally rotated out)

    Exercise 5: Cardio - Jump Squats

    • The secret to jumping? Use your arms! As you go down, let your arms go back and turn your body into a human spring
    • Drive your arms above your head exploding through your legs and pushing off your toes, land softly behind at your knees, hips, and elbows
    Modification: Speed squats, no jump

    Exercise 6: Core - Three Point Plank

    • When performing any sort of plank, make sure you keep your entire body contracted from head to toe, tuck your hips under by squeezing your glutes
    • Shift your weight to one arm, trying to keep your hips as square as possible, have a wider leg base to make it easier
    Modification: Go down to your forearms, or to your knees